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Privacy and Information Rights

17th April 2020


Your information is stored on paper and digitally. There are occasions when we need to disclose some of your personal health information to other organisations involved in your care. Our use of your data is covered by a duty of confidentiality and is regulated by the Data Protection Act and General Data Protection Regulation.  This act gives you a number of rights in relation to how your information is used, including a right to access the information we hold about you. Everyone working for the NHS has a legal duty to keep information about you confidential and adhere to a code of practice on protecting patient confidentiality. For more information, please see below:


Bennochy Medical Centre aims to ensure the highest standard of medical care for our patients.  To do this we keep records about you, your health and the care we have provided or plan to provide to you. To read more, click here. Please also note that incoming and outgoing calls to the practice may be recorded to ensure both your and the practice's safety.


The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 gives the public a right of access to all types of recorded information by the public authorities, including the Health Service. We are obliged to respond to requests for information and provide that information, subject to particular conditions and exemptions set out in the Act. The Practice has adopted the British Medical Association Model Publication Scheme to meet the requirements of the Scottish legislation.   For all enquiries relating to Practice information contained in this scheme please contact the Practice Manager in writing.


Under the Access to Health Records Act (1998) patients can view and receive copies their medical records. Requests for this must be made in writing. Please complete this form and return it to the surgery.