Dental Assistant

Dental & Optical Advice

21st April 2020


We most strongly advise all patients to register with a dentist and ensure that they receive regular dental care. The doctors will not provide treatment for dental problems

Patients who are not registered with a dentist can access emergency care during the week through the Fife Emergency Dental Service (FEDS) Next Day Care rota. 

If you are not registered with a dentist and have a dental emergency, you should call the Fife Dental Advice Line on 01592 226555 (8am-5.30pm) or NHS24 on 111 if after 6pm.  For more information click here.


If you have an eye/sight concern, you should, in the first instance, speak to your optician. They have the purpose-made equipment for examining your eyes and are eye specialists, unlike the GPs. Click here for a list of opticians in the area